Traumatic World Events: Supporting Students

Highly public conflicts and issues around the world can be felt acutely by local children and youth. They may experience a range of emotions when they hear about and process deeply upsetting information, videos and/or images connected to global events.

Below are some resources to support conversations with young people about traumatic or troubling events that they are learning about through social and/or traditional media.

These tools are available to support adults as they help children and youth to make sense of the world and feel safe.

Resource from the District鈥檚 Safe and Caring Schools Team

Speaking with Children 鈥 Traumatic Events in the Media
One page of curated support with a focus on the local community, including a link to resources in Burnaby.

Advice from MediaSmarts, Canada鈥檚 Centre for Digital and Media Literacy, co-prepared by a Canadian children鈥檚 hospital psychiatrist.

Resources from the Ministry of Education

Common Sense Media gathers tips and conversation starters to help talk to kids of different ages about the toughest topics.

This article from the American Psychological Association can help adults guide their young children beyond fear and to resilience.

The American Psychological Association breaks out tips and strategies for parents and teachers of middle school-aged children.

Provides resources that can be filtered by topic or keyword and by audience with a focus on how adults can identify traumatic responses in young people and how to support them.