School Meals Program

school_mealThe Burnaby School District established the School Meal Program to provide a nutritious lunch for those students who would otherwise go hungry while at school. It is paid for by a combination of parent contributions, charitable donations, and funding from the provincial Ministry of Education and Child Care. The cost of this program is $70 per month, per child. Families who wish to participate but are unable to pay this amount in full are asked to contribute monthly any amount that they can.

The $70 monthly contribution is a fixed rate and students participating in the School Meal Program are expected to receive a meal every day of the school week. Food is ordered and prepared based on an established number of participants, and it is not possible to provide meals for individual students only on select days.

It is the parents鈥 responsibility to review the monthly menu and to ensure that their child is aware of any menu item that is prohibited due to dietary restriction. Parents are responsible to instruct the child to avoid this menu item. Despite our reasonable efforts, the school district cannot guarantee that there are no allergens which may cause an anaphylactic reaction in our menu items. Therefore, children who have life threatening food allergies should not participate in the School Meal program.

Currently, the elementary schools within the district which participate in the School Meal program include:

Updated August 30, 2023