Child Care in the Burnaby School District

As a district, we have made space available in our schools and on our properties for service providers to offer high quality child care programs for over 35 years.

Child Care Centres in the District

A list of licensed child care providers on school district property can be found by clicking on the link below.听 Please contact the child care or preschool providers directly for information about their programs, registration and wait lists.

Licensed Preschool and Child Care in Burnaby Schools听(updated March 2024)

Finding Child Care and Preschools

To find child care or preschools in your community, please visit this website:

Strategic Direction: Increasing Child Care Spaces in the District

In September 2019, in its strategic plan, the 成人直播 deepened its long-standing commitment to supporting families with child care when Trustees set an objective to increase the number of spaces available on our properties. After a period of extensive consultation with parent groups, child care providers, and other stakeholders, the School District released its Project Definition Report for Child Care to continue to partner with the Province of BC and City of Burnaby to increase child care spaces on school properties.

New child care spaces were funded at these schools:


  • Rosser Elementary 鈥 18 spaces (Lower Mainland Purpose Society) (February)
  • Montecito Elementary 鈥 25 spaces (Burnaby Family Life) (September)


  • Westridge Elementary 鈥 91 spaces (Puddle Splashers) (March)
  • Cascade Heights Elementary 鈥 67 spaces (YMCA) (May)
  • Capitol Hill Elementary 鈥 25 spaces (Lower Mainland Purpose Society) (May)
  • Suncrest Elementary 鈥 54 spaces (Burnaby Neighborhood House) (September)


  • Marlborough Elementary 鈥 78 spaces (Burnaby Neighborhood House) (January and October)
  • Marian Learning Resource Centre 鈥 103 spaces (SFU Child Care Society) (November)


  • Chaffey-Burke Elementary 鈥 20 spaces (Just B4 Preschool – Burnaby School District) (September) For information about Just B4 Preschool, please visit our websiteJust B4 Preschool
  • Stride Avenue Community School 鈥 37 spaces (Burnaby Neighbourhood House) (October)
  • Burnaby North Secondary School 鈥 24 spaces (Puddle Splashers) (November)

Funding for an additional 160 spaces was announced by the Ministry of Children and Family Development in May 2021.听

With management by the District, the Ministry is investing $4.74 million into the construction of child care buildings on site at 5 elementary schools for the 160 spaces.听 Construction is still in progress with completion and opening expected to occur in late 2024.

  • Brentwood Park Elementary 鈥 24 spaces (BACI)
  • Kitchener Elementary 鈥 34 spaces (LMPS)
  • Parkcrest Elementary 鈥 34 spaces (Parkcrest Child Care Society)
  • Stoney Creek Community School 鈥 34 spaces (YMCA)
  • Twelfth Avenue Elementary 鈥 34 spaces (BNH)
Child Care Request for Proposal Process

Are you a provider interested in licensed child care in Burnaby Schools?听 The District will post a Request for Proposal (RFP) on the BC Bid website if there are any opportunities for new child care spaces in our schools.

  • Currently, there are no active child care Request for Proposals.

Active Request for Proposals (RFP) are posted on .

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Updated April 2024