District Zones

The Burnaby School District is divided into four zones. Each zone is grouped to provide school-based and district-based staff the opportunity to come together and discuss common issues and ensure the quality of delivery of public education. An Assistant Superintendent and Director of Instruction are assigned to each zone to provide leadership, support and guidance to school-based administrators. See maps below.

Brentwood North

Elementary: Aubrey, Brentwood Park, Capitol Hill, Confederation Park, Gilmore, Kitchener,
Lochdale, Montecito, Parkcrest, Rosser, Sperling, Westridge
Secondary: Alpha, Burnaby North

Central West

Elementary: Brantford, Buckingham, Cascade Heights, Chaffey-Burke, Douglas Road, Gilpin,
Inman, Lakeview, Marlborough, Morley
Secondary: Burnaby Central, Moscrop

Kingsway South

Elementary: Clinton, Edmonds, Glenwood, Maywood, Nelson, South Slope/BC School for the Deaf,
Stride Avenue, Suncrest, Taylor Park, Windsor
Secondary: Burnaby South/BC School for the Deaf, Byrne Creek, Provincial Resource Programs

Cariboo Lougheed

Elementary: Armstrong, Cameron, Forest Grove, Lyndhurst, Seaforth, Second Street,
Stoney Creek, Twelfth Avenue , University Highlands
Secondary: Burnaby Mountain, Cariboo Hill